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Update 16.12.2010

Hi there!
the law change was denied and so we'll not stopping our service! Enjoy! :)

Update 15.12.2010

Hi there!
actually it seems that the new law will not be accepted tomorrow. If that is really the case, we will continue to run picpaste as you know it already. But we'll have to wait for tomorow to be sure. We'll keep you informed.

PS: thanks for all your feedback! We know about moving to another country would help, but as long as "we" stay here, our project has to met german law. So moving the site outside would not fix the whole problem. But: we work on it.

Dear PicPaste Users,

sadly we have to announce, that we proably need to shutdown picpaste at the end of 2010. We would love not to do this, PicPaste is still our little loved child. But a revised german law will force us to do so.

It's called "JMStV" and should protect children from "bad" content at the internet. Some not-so-clever-ones have changed the law abit, which forces every content provider (like PicPaste) to "tag" his content and rate it. Rating means that you have to specify for which age the content is. This can be from "for everyone, with no restriction" up to "forbidden for under 18 years old ones".

We don't have that much manpower to rate every picture. But even if we had, you have to make sure, that noone can access forbidden content. So a 12 years old child isn't allowed to watch over 18 content. At this time, there is no way to protect a child from watching a porn pic. There probably never will be (and here the "yes, i'm over 18" button doesn't count).

We're really sad about shutting down PicPaste. We'll try everything we can to keep this service online, because we like, maybe love PicPaste. It's a piece of freedom, because you simply can upload a picture, no registration needed, nothing.

We're still in hope that the change of law will not be accepted, but at the moment, we wouldn't count on that.

If you have any questions, suggestions or other feedback, please use our feedback form. If you want a response from us, please provide a working E-Mail address, too.

With kind regards,
Your PicPaste Team